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The SYHO Experience

Before coming to SYHO you might like to know what to expect. First of all, expect a warm welcome!


Our workshop sessions are led by professional singing tutors. We aren’t a choir and we don’t put on performances. We simply enjoy singing together, and we understand that sometimes not everybody feels well, and we accept and support people.


We sing folk songs, world , traditional, modern and spiritual music. We provide song books with the words of the songs (we do not use written music) and have extra large print if needed.


We learn everything by listening and repeating. Our singing tutors sing out our parts and show us how to sing in harmony or rounds. This way we can hear and feel how our individual contribution becomes part of something bigger and wonderful!


Our sessions aim to help people in all sorts of ways, SYHO participants have said they feel that it has improved their confidence, reduced stress and given a space where others understand how you feel. Sometimes a person may not feel like singing and that’s okay.


Sing Your Heart Out treats everyone equally. We value you for who you are and we try and avoid labels. Our policies and procedures are on the website, it you’d like a read.


We welcome anyone over 18 who is experiencing or has experienced mental health difficulties, to offer a strong space of understanding and a sense of togetherness through singing. We welcome carers, family, friends, any support workers, staff and indeed anyone who wants to support their mental wellbeing (or simply likes to sing!)


SYHO is free to take part, though we welcome donations if you can afford it.


Our participants tell us the sessions are fun and there is usually a lot of laughter when we are singing together! We feel that we achieve a sense of belonging and connection as our voices and hearts are joined together in unity!

Our Songs

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