A message from SYHO trustees

We are continuing with SYHO live online for the moment, but we are working hard in the background to plan our return to sessions in real life.


As you know we are being especially cautions to protect SYHO’s vulnerable members.


A small group of the trustees is making detailed plans, looking at things like whether our venues are still suitable, and if not, finding alternatives.


Starting five groups up again is no simple task, so realistically it will be the autumn before we start up again. Of course we certainly won’t do so until the guidelines let us.


We are also planning some outdoor sessions in the summer, near your usual SYHO venue.


Do keep looking here for the latest news, or check out our Facebook page or sign up here  to get regular updates by email. We will let you know when we start up again, and when we have details of the summer sessions, and we will advertise everything as widely as possible for people who don’t have access to the internet. If you know any SYHO friends in this position, please do let them know what is happening


Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, do give SYHO online a try. It isn’t the same of course, but people are finding it great fun, and it’s brilliant to be able to see people, and carry on learning new songs and singing old favourites with our tutors.


We hope very much to see you soon, online or in real life.