Sing Your Heart Out Trustees

Our Trustees are legally responsible for running SYHO.

Our roles and responsibilities are outlined in our Constitution.

We are a lively group of individuals committed to Sing Your Heart Out.

We have overall responsibility for the management of the charity.

We make sure that:

The charity is working for the benefit of the public

The charity is following its own rules as well as the law

The charity is making decisions that benefit both the charity itself and the people it is helping

The charity is acting with care and seeking advice when it needs it

The charity’s actions are clear and everyone knows what they are doing

The charity manages its resources well and is accountable


Julia Rumsby is our Chair

I first discovered ‘Sing Your Heart Out’ as a support volunteer for Norwich MIND and was immediately struck by the positive effect of the singing workshops on everyone’s mood, including those struggling with their mental health. I particularly appreciated SYHO’s non-judgemental, inclusive approach as well as the lovely, harmonious singing. Over the years I have become increasingly involved with SYHO’s organisation and development. It combines my interest in mental health and wellbeing with my love of singing.


Kate Platt is our Vice Chair

I have been involved with SYHO since 2017. I joined the Great Yarmouth group & committee the day I retired from work! I was part of the Joint Working group going on to become a trustee when our status changed. I first met SYHO whilst working at The Priory Centre in Great Yarmouth & loved hearing them singing whilst I was at work. “SYHO is always fun and  we sing a great variety of songs with our terrific tutors".


Ruth Emerson is our Treasurer

My working background was in nursing initially and then social care. I am now retired and have been living in Norfolk since 2003. I started coming to SYHO workshops in Norwich during 2011, as I have always loved singing and needed to improve my mental wellbeing and socialise more. I am an ex mental health service user and credit SYHO with helping me grow and maintain the good mental health I enjoy today. As my confidence increased, I joined the then Committee for the Norwich group and took on fundraising and Secretary responsibilities. Since then, I have been encouraged to further develop my potential, culminating in becoming a Trustee in 2019 and starting to learn the Treasurer role in 2022. I have made some good friends through SYHO and it has become a big part of my life and identity.


Jenny Ford is our Secretary

I have been involved in a playgroup: set up and ran a Mother and toddler group, registered as a child minder, and became a school governor. I moved to mid Norfolk in 2003. Music and singing have always been a big part of my life so I went along to a SYHO outreach workshop in Wymondham. I found it so uplifting I became a regular at the South group and have remained so for over ten years. I enjoy seeing the positive effect it has on so many people, myself included. I later joined the group committee, now Local Organising Group, and when SYHO became a registered charity I was pleased to be accepted as a trustee.


Carolyn Bain is our Vice Treasurer

My career was in Education and after my retirement I was keen to become a volunteer for a local group. My particular interest has always been in wellbeing and I was introduced to SYHO by another volunteer. This was at a time when SYHO only had a group in Norwich. I joined the group as Treasurer and have enjoyed being involved in our expansion within Norfolk, and on changing our status to become a charity.


Angela Mason is a Trustee

After living in W Norfolk for 20 years working as a hospital nurse, stress saw me resigning in ‘99.  I moved to N Norfolk in 2007, relocated my business as a gardener, and joined a community choir in 2011 as a way of meeting people.  In 2017 I read of SYHO and their trial of a new group in N Norfolk. After joining a couple of their workshops I found myself volunteering to help run their new group based in Sheringham.  I volunteered to be a trustee in 2019 when SYHO became a registered charity. I have found singing so good for my mental and physical health and find myself singing at all times of the day; there is always a song that fits my mood and activity.


Penny Holden is a Trustee and our Systems Manager

I have a lifetime history of mental illness, and am also on the autistic spectrum, which is probably why I am our technical person. I like SYHO because people accept me.


Maggie Wheeler is a Trustee

I have been involved in SYHO from the very start in the days when it was at Hellesdon Hospital. My background is in working in health and social care, and I am  a former chair of Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation trust where SYHO started.

I am the designated safeguarding trustee. I go to SYHO sessions in Norwich where I live and am a member of the local organising group there.


Sylvie Taylor is a Trustee

I have worked in a mental health setting and I like helping people with their mental health. A friend told me about SYHO and how it helped others, I found it a lovely group and volunteered and later became a trustee. I support SYHO by helping run the sessions and promoting a safe environment where people can relax and sing while enjoying being together!  SYHO is very dear to my heart! 

Marianne Porter is our newest Trustee

She is interested in helpinmg with the website