SYHO North Steering Group

SYHO North now has prospective committee members ! These are :-

Chris White (Chair)

Susan Fernandez (Vice Chair)

Angela Mason (Secretary)

Ben White (Treasurer)


Many more committee members and helpers are still needed. The first committee nmeeting will be on 25th September at 4pm

Aims of the group

To work towards establishing a branch of Sing Your Heart Out in North Norfolk providing singing workshops on a regular basis.


To make this a valuable resource for local people, both those with and those without mental health problems, where they can come and enjoy themselves and be made welcome, and somewhere that people working in mental health know they can send or bring people for a beneficial therapeutic activity that will help in their recovery process and promote their long term mental wellbeing.


To ensure that these workshops are well known locally.


Work of the group

Get other people and organisations involved.


Encourage users and ex-users of mental health services to get involved.

(to become Committee members, to volunteer to help at sessions, and, of course, to come along and sing, whichever would be appropriate for them)


Publicise the sessions.

(Press, radio, posters, fliers, local magazines, presentations, word of mouth, whatever you can come up with


Form a committee who will sign a constitution, open a bank account, raise funding for future sessions and be responsible for the future running of SYHO (North).


The committee should have about 6-10 people, include current or ex-service users,  with a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

As much training and help as necessary will be given to committee members by the rest of SYHO. They will not be left unsupported


Everyone should enjoy themselves while doing these things. SYHO is fun. There will be chocolate biscuits.