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Linds Bestwicke

Linds has been singing for almost as long as she could talk and is at her happiest when doing so! After studying music at college and having some classical singing training, Linds went on to do a degree in....psychology. She began singing again with a community choir in Fakenham and has been leading them herself since 2015. Linds completed voice leader training in 2016 with the Natural Voice Network and very much believes in their ethos that everyone can and should sing if it brings them joy. Linds has eclectic taste in music and was a member of folk harmony band Wolfswood, has a (very slowly) ongoing solo project called Corvids Call and has done some guest vocals for a black metal project too. She loves to sing with her two young sons and surrounds them with all kinds of music and song. For more information visit

Singing Tutor

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