The Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health is part of Canterbury Christ Church University and is situated at the University Centre Folkestone. 
The primary aim of the Research Centre is to promote the value of music and the arts for the wellbeing and health of individuals and communities.

Assistant Director

Trish Vella-Burrows

Emeritus Professor Grenville Hancox talks about SYHO

In 2011 a book Songs of Resilience (Meaningful Music Making for Life) edited by Andy Brader was published.

Chapter six of this book,"Singing for Mental Health and Wellbeing, Community Initiatives in England"  Has contributions by Stephen and Grenville and includes a section on Sing Your Heart Out put together by Chrissy and Penny.


On 28th May 2008 the Sing Your Heart Out team gave a seminar at the centre in the series "The Phenomenon of Singing: Biological and Psycho-social Perspectives".This was very well received.

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On 9th/10th September 2008 at their annual conference SYHO presented an outline of results from a recent evaluation of the workshops, and Chrissy gave a very popular singing workshop.


On 10th Sptember 2011 at the SEMPRE Conferance, "Striking a chord"

Jill Robinson, Professor of Mental Health Nursing, Wellbeing and Recovery and Penny Holden presented "Sing Your Heart Out, a Pragmatic Evaluation"

This evaluation, by Jill, was based on the many questionnaires our singers have completed over the years, and on filmed interviews.

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  We hope to continue our relationship with this great organisation.