My Journey

I cry to feel I’m alive

To feel the pain that’s buried inside

A blackened soul, in a darkened heart

I long for recovery but don’t know where to start

All these years I’ve battled with pain

Unsure who’s responsible, unsure who’s to blame

There must be more to life than this

To get rid of this hurt is my deepest wish

Then one day a hand takes mine

Shows me the wall that I need to climb

From a darkened tunnel we emerge into light

I know right now that I need to fight

Leading me they showed me the way

Reassuring me that it’s ok

And then one day I know

That with the help of others my pain starts to go

Now I can say that I am free

I have blossomed like a tree

My pain will never fully go away

But it eases with every day

Even if things go wrong

My journey shows me that I am strong


By Rosie

April 2014