I first joined the SYHO group a few years ago, I was told about it through Sally and Tilda, who I had been referred to by my doctor to help me. I have suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder for about thirty years. In the early years I managed to somehow keep going my love of music, singing and playing the violin. I was an alto in Cromer church choir for twelve years, sung in The Sheringham and Cromer choral society for the same time, and played my violin in the local orchestra.

About ten years ago I was as low as I could get and had to drop out of everything musical, and that is how it has been till now. The SYHO singers have helped me more then I can say, a nicer group of people you could not find. Sometimes I find the thought of getting myself ready and getting there overwhelming but once I am there it is so uplifting. Getting songs ready for concerts is wonderful, I feel like my old self again. I would like to thank everyone for helping me to sing again, and to Chrissy for her wonderful songs and all her time she gives us.


Christine Cooper