Requests for appearances

We often get asked if Sing Your Heart Out can come and perform for some event. Sadly the answer is usually "No"


This is because Sing Your Heart Out is not a choir with regular members and a repertoire, It is a series of drop-in workshops held in three different places.


However, there are things we can do,


Public appearances.

SYHO will occasionally get involved in events around particular causes, usually something to do with mental health.

We need at least 6 months notice to do something like this, and it would not be a performance as such, but a session where members of the public (or the audience) would be encouraged to sing along with us.

The venue would need to be indoors, or in an outside space where there are hard surfaces behind/above to help project the sound. Singing in a field doesn't work.

There would be a cost involved to cover the fees of the voice coach(es) and any out-of-pocket expense, plus a donation to SYHO funds.


Conferences etc

For these events we can provide a speaker, with Powerpoint or film presentation, telling the story of SYHO, outlining the benefits, required.

We can also provide a voice coach to lead a singing session for those present.

The cost would be to cover the voice coach's fee, and a contribution to SYHO funds.


If you are interested in requesting either of these, please email us