Natasha Hood

Natasha grew up singing and has always loved it for the way it opens her up, and brings people together in joy. Singing with others is one of her fast-tracks to being a happy human!


Travels and studies, including a degree in Russian, a yoga teacher training, and time in Steiner-inspired communities, led her to becoming an interfaith minister and celebrant. She has explored sacred intimacy work, the archetype of 'the holy fool', and loves walking, cycling, her neices and nephews, and connecting deeply with life and friends.


Now settled back in North Norfolk, she is committed to SYHO, as well as leading her own community singing groups, writing a book, and creating bespoke ceremonies. She especially enjoys folk and devotional songs from around the world. She has released three CDs as song-learning resources ('Singing our Greetings & Farewells', 'Singing the Day and the Seasons', 'Singing the Cycle of our Lives')


If you'd like to find out more, or go on Natasha's mailing list, please email: