Our Voice Coaches

Jane, Chrissy, Johanna and Kimberley

Sing Your Heart out currently has a team of four professional voice coaches. They are carefully chosen for their experience, their talents and their sense of fun.

This has been a major factor in SYHO's success. We believe only the best is good enough for our people !

Chrissy Parsons West

Chrissy is our Musical Director and has overall responsibility for the other voice coaches and the repertoire.

She is currently on a one year sabbatical, back in autumn 2016.

Jane Wells


Jane works is currently acting Musical Director. She will be doing sessions in King's Lynn, Attleborough and Norwich.

Kimberley Moore

Kimberley is currently at our Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn sessions. She sometimes brings her Ukulele.

Johanna Herron

Johanna is working at our Great Yarmouth, Attleborough and Norwich sessions.

Gone , but not forgotten....

Mary Lovett

Mary was with us from 2012 to 2014