Sing Your Heart Out Committees


Each of our Sing Your Heart Out Groups

has its own local committee to run it.


Sessions at the Phoenix Centre in Norwich

are run by the Norwich Committee


Sessions at the Methodist Church Hall in King's Lynn

are run by the West Committee


Sessions at the Connaught Bowls Club in Attleborough

are run by the South Committee


Sessions at the The Priory

are run by the East Committee

SYHO Joint Committee

There is also a Joint Committee, with representatives from each group, who make the major decisions  on policies,procedures etc. They also oversee events like Big Sings and Open Sings.


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Personal development is very important and all our committee members are encouraged to try out new things and learn new skills.

This is one of our in-house training sessions on Fundraising

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Here is a training session in February 2015 at Age UK's Great House training rooms. Members from each committee learning how to edit this website